The Great Flood

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The Great Flood 1977 The Ramparts river overflowed and completely flooded the Macardles site in Dundalk, Co. Louth. But production continued nonetheless...  

Double Diamond

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Double Diamond 1960 Ian Cook (Burton on Trent) introduces Double Diamond, a new chilled and filtered beer at the Macardle Moore site in Dundalk, Co. Louth.

New Bottling Line

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New Bottling Line Installation 1959 Impressive Expansion of Old Dundalk Firm. Cambricville Brewery’s Equipment Second to None Home and Export Trade on Firm Footing A unique event took place [...]

Directors Report 1915

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Grave Financial Conditions 1915 The document pictured is a copy of the original Directors Report which calls for a general meeting at the Macardles Brewery Offices to outline the [...]

Copper Explosion

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Copper Explosion Report 1903 Report of the Directors To the Shareholders of Macardle Moore & Company Limited For the twelve months ended 31st August 1903 Your directors have much [...]

Directors Report 1900

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Report of the Directors 1900 To the Shareholders of Macardle Moore and Co Ltd for the 12 Months ended 31st August 1900. Your Directors have much pleasure in submitting [...]