Stanhope Court Hotel

2nd Nov 1956

Dear Mallon,

I hope you got my telegram to say that the horse arrived safely. He looked very well and did not get a cold on the journey. The trailer was not off loaded until 11am on Wednesday and I had then to drive through the Mersey Tunnel to Birkenhead where the horse had been landed in the early hours; he was in a place which I think is also a slaughter house and he looked frightened I thought, but he boarded alright after his usual look round. I left Birkenhead at 12:15 and drove the 120 miles to Stratford upon Avon arriving tired about 5.15pm. I have previously arranged with a show-jumping foreman to let me have a loose box for the night.

Yesterday I rode around for half and hour and the horse was in great form. I was surprised at how clear his wind seemed to be and there was no sign of footiness. After the ride we drove the 35 miles to Bicester where he has a good horse box in the old hunt stables with other horses for company. Next Tuesday I shall go to the opening meet of the Bicester and then make up my mind about the horses future. One good thing about having him here is that there is no danger of him being sent abroad to be slaughtered for meat if I have to part with him. I am grateful to you for looking after the old boy so conscientiously and efficiently all these years and to Joe Donnelly and McCabe too for their care and trouble at the weekends. I must mention Bob Reilly too the hauling car behaved faultlessly and I was able to travel at an average of 25mph which was better than anticipated. Now that Christmas is approaching the enclosed may be welcome. With many thanks and hoping your wife and family are well.

Yours sincerely, Jock Macardle.

Ps. Please let Moore know about the safe arrival.