John St. Patrick Macardle

John St. Patrick Macardle
John St. Patrick MacardleEntrepreneur
John St. P Macardle a son of
Edward Henry and Margaret Macardle nee Callan.

Macardle’s Brewery was noted for being at the cutting edge of production techniques

Mr. John St. P Macardle designed the “Macardle Air Pump System”, a process for supplying sterilised air to the refrigeration and fermenting departments in order to eliminate bacteria. He also patented the “Anti-Bacterial Cask Cleansing Apparatus”. It worked by pumping hot air followed by hot water into the barrels and then followed this with a blast of cool air to dry them. This invention was used by Guinness’s Brewery and in other breweries in England. He received several gold medals for his invention which was constructed to his design by Manisty’s Foundry in Dundalk.

Macardles Pure Air System

Information researched by Frank O’Callaghan – Old Dundalk Society