Donald Frederick Macardle

Donald Frederick Macardle
Donald Frederick MacardleBrewer
Donald Frederick Macardle was born on 12th November 1900.
His address was recorded Seatown Place, Dundalk.

He was an Irish film and stage actor and writer, with rolls in 10 films.
He played the roll of the Duke of Monmouth in Nell Gwyn, a 1926 British romance film.
He directed the 1933 film The King’s Cup.
Co- Writer of 1943 film “Thursday’s Child”.

He lived most of his adult life in London with his wife Enid and one of his other “Claims to Fame” was that he destroyed all of his sister Dorothy’s personal papers which was a collection of national importance.

He died on May 25, 1984 in Kensington, London, England.

Donald Macardle

Information researched by Frank O’Callaghan – Old Dundalk Society